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  1. Go Setting > Wi-Fi, then press the blue arrow at the right hand side of your home WiFi name. Click "Forget this Network". Go back to home page. Click Setting > Wi-Fi, then enter...

  2. This happens to my computer too! However, after I pressed the keyboard for many many many times, then I can turn on my computer. Hope this way works on your computer too. :) If not, then I think you should find...

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  3. you can go to the shop which you buy the can ask the sale to help you to check

  4. let's help ederly clean the rooms

  5. 可能係因為你部電腦冇安裝到一D中文打字系統 例如倉頡/速成 你亦可以安裝一D手寫板 例如: 小蒙帖

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  6. Let's run or walk to the foe charity. Let's sing for the elderly. Let's give to (the) poor children toys and clothes. Let's raise (the) cookies to sell money.

  7. 你既巴西龜唔係患厭食症 , 唔使擔心 而家係冬天 , 你隻巴西龜會進入冬眠狀態 , 少飲水少食野

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  8. If the pointer highlights the "safe mode" words, did you try pressing the upward button on the keyboard to choose "Normal mode". There is a space between "Normal mode" and "Safe mode", you may be...

  9. I'm same to you, but I'm learning to type chinese right now. Anywhere , Yahoo, eBay, Msn or etc.... They all had the process how to add up your product in chinese. It so easy to add up. You can follow the step.

  10. You have to use real player to watch it because the type of file is rm rmvb. The size is smaller, so people like to transfer the video to this type in BT. If you wanna download real player, you can go to this website. Its free of charge.