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  1. 這一句的by any chance 須採用以下的解釋: used especially in questions , to ask whether something is true, possible, etc. (用於問句,詢問是否真實、可能等) 所以翻成 --> 說真的,之前你有沒有記得要打電話給你母親?

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  2. A: this question is about the most important thinngs in one's life. According to the western mythology...some for their own future, and some for so called great love!! B: Actually, for one to...

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  3. ...:// question /index?qid=20090422232234AABgZax...詳情可以看意見欄之連結。 Keep in touch 和 Keep in contact 都是... to see each other much, but they will call , send letters, etc. "...

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  4. ... called Restriction Endonucleases (sometimes just called Restriction Enzymes or RE s). These special enzymes recognize specific sequences in the DNA molecule (for example GATATC) wherever that sequence occurs...

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  5. 網路電話可 call out就像skype 我是知道的! 但是可以 call in 的我倒是不知道! 看看你那位朋友給你的號碼是不是...一堆人被騙小心別被騙了! question / question ?qid=1510070901066 2010-07-19 10:32:06 補充: 070...

  6. ...time. 2014-10-13 05:04:03 補充: Due to linking in pronunciation, it might confuse non-native speakers a little bit...acceptable. 2014-10-14 16:17:47 補充: ***" ' " is called apostrophes

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  7. You called your aunt's daughter(or son)---------------------cousinYou called your aunt's granddaughter(or son)----------2nd cousinYou called your aunt's great granddaughter(or son)---3rd cousin

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  8. ...春風歌聲[志明] 全程都說台語的 台南府城之聲廣播電台FM91.1 現場 CALL IN 專線 : 06-2089901 06-2089902 晚上的從播的 內容說明 question / question ?qid=1607102601148 節目表 question / question ?qid=1508120903475...

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  9. ... together and reverse the curse yes we reverse the curse so my so called life 這裡也有喔!! question / question ?qid=1008100102913

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  10. ...the ONLY serious grammar in this question is Subjunctive ...passionately about truth and delighted in proving the errors and.... Since it is so- called "not true for the past event"...

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