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  1. 由彩虹搭地鐵去九龍塘轉火車去太埔. 由彩虹搭地鐵去金鍾, 再轉海洋公園專車去到門口.

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  2. 香港shuttle bus 一般有7m, 同35坐位

    分類:旅遊 > 其他 - 目的地 2011年12月16日

  3. 1. I am not sure if there are direct buses from JFK, however I have seen buses .... Each passenger will get a bonus of $20 ($30 for bus leaving at 11:25pm/11:55pm/1:10am) towards their...

    分類:旅遊 > 其他 - 目的地 2007年03月06日

  4. Greyhound Bus $37 => South Station Bus TerminalSUNSHINE Bus ...

    分類:旅遊 > 其他 - 目的地 2008年05月22日

  5. The answer is yes - bus service is available. It is simply the fact that no one will choose... longer.) 2. You won't save a lot of money from bus . But you will save a lot of time from flying.

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  6. ...早訂既話. Bus 方面, greyhound價錢同飛機差唔多, 但係要31個鐘加係紐約轉車... http://www.greyhound...

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  7. 灰狗巴士 7 天前購買 US$59.00 (成人單程) 14 天前購買 US$54.00 (成人單程) 由 Seatle 去 San Francisco, 全程要22-24小時, 都好辛苦吓, 中途停站時, 你要留意自己的利李, 不會被人"誤取", 我個人意見, 乘搭灰狗巴士...

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  8. Lynx Bus Number 42,located on the A side of terminal Ground Level 1. served 6am-22.30pm.13 miles journey to international drive takes about 60 minutes.the fun cost US$1.50.

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  9. By Taxi around US$60-70 depends on the traffic By Shuttle bus around US$10-16 each person

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  10. ..., then join a tour to Niagara Falls, included the bus and hotel. it cost less than $200 pp. for 3 days.

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