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  1. 理科文章通常不會注重文法尤其現在在美國的中堅技術工程師90%都是亞洲人. 在這裡 and是應該換成but. 是輸出不跟clock的上升緣同步但跟下降緣同步的意思.

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  2. ...適用expand) 4. The company expand their business globally. 5. The bus services are expanded 10 times in 3 years...

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  3. ...39;s not your fault, but it certainly would be great if there were a bus or subway line that went through your neighborhood. Josh:-very true...

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  4. 就像有人說: "一般人 整個人生之中 有25年是在睡覺" 一樣 "一般人 整個人生之中 有5年是在排隊" "一般人 整個人生之中 有12月是在找失物" 會難懂嗎?

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  5. Consequently, In order to clear the crowds and tourists, the government decided to carry out this project. 跟前句沒有consequent的關係,沒法理解你的想法/寫法。 句法而言,前句交代是這輕軌電車的名稱。這句表達其功能或市政府建設的目標,那便直接寫...

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  6. The last bus has left (here). 末班車已離開(這裏)了。 The last bus left here. 末班車離開這裏了

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  7. ...order to go somewhere. (怎樣去?) what kind of transportation do you use? I take the bus every day. (去哪裡?) where do you go? I go to school every day. (怎樣去哪裡...

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  8. Because I have to walk carrying a ton of luggage to the Herbis Station to take the bus on the checking out date, are there any staff in the hotel could help move my luggage to the station. Thanks.

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  9. ... forums and blogs, we learned that we could take a bus to Qishan and then transfer to another bus that would take us to (wherever...

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  10. .... Yet my plans were going to downtown by bus . On the road to find the bus station, I met a woman who was so...

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