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  1. ...來說,是最好的行銷方式。 Thus, the best way to sell is to build a good reputation.

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  2. ... mountains or other heights to climb.  101 High-rise building .  Interesting or unusual places to visit.  and Interesting...

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  3. Main level is the level where you can enter and exit the building on foot. Depending on the construction of the building , the main level could be at any floor.

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  4. ...形容詞用來形容luck. 2. 其他的例子有: (D) He saved money in building the house himself. (E) He saved money building the...

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  5. ... below yours. We'll be working in the same building ! Jessica:-No way ! What a lovely coincidence. Josh...

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  6. Consequently, In order to clear the crowds and tourists, the government decided to carry out this project. 跟前句沒有consequent的關係,沒法理解你的想法/寫法。 句法而言,前句交代是這輕軌電車的名稱。這句表達其功能或市政府建設的目標,那便直接寫...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2019年07月11日

  7. Did you manage to find a place in Kahlua Apartment building for me? = Did you manage to find me a place in Kahlua...

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  8. ...的使用. "as easy as"是用來接後面的副詞子句: "as easy as" the building can accommodate corporations with only two employees. 所以你的原...

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  9. 這不是文法題,只是句意的了解,應選B Q(B). Did they build the house? 他們有蓋這間房子嗎? A. I don’t know(我不知道—回答問題), but it was finished by 1960(但這間房子是1960蓋成—附帶告知).

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  10. Q1與Q2都不是假設語氣 它們都是對已經發生的事實 表示驚訝的語氣

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