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  1. Why breast milk is better than milk powder? A medical school is having...powder?" One of a student s answers: (1) No need to make milk , saves the time. (2) Moderate temperature, won t burn the child...

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  2. 這媽媽奶水不足。 This mother's breast milk is insufficient. 這嬰兒營養不良。 This...'s not enough that this baby drinks breast milk . " 亦或是指"飽寶奶水喝不飽"呢? 如果是就...

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  3. Vegetative breast milk 植物性奶水 Animalistic breast milk 動物性奶水

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  4. They have even been found in the breast milk of Eskimos. 翻譯如下~ 他們已經甚至在愛斯基摩人的母奶中被發現。

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  5. ... their young. 3. Any of several nutritive milklike liquids. breast milk 母乳(n.) Breastfeeding 餵母乳(n.) "Breastfeeding"...

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  6. ...反應。柳橙汁容易引起小寶寶氣漲,肚子不舒服,也盡量少喝或喝加水稀釋過的。 Breast Milk Interactions Charts Like most nursing moms...

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  7. ... not uncommon for people to believe that baby formula is just as good as breast milk . But he says only a mother's body can produce the right levels...

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  8. ...粥樣硬化的指數3. Levels of lipids in preterm infants fed breast milk 早產兒吃的母奶裡的脂質標準

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2011年01月15日

  9. ...客串六人行的那一集 是第二季的第二集 "The One with the Breast Milk " Emily Procter "Friends" playing "...

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  10. 母乳可以說: breast milk 或breastfeeding 反之,baby formula 是嬰兒專用的配方奶 我是美國公民的媽媽,我在美國醫院生產

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