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  1. 1.Why not put aside the bothersome problems for a while and get some fresh air outside? 此處的put為原形動詞...some fresh air outside? 將句子省略後,動詞用原形動詞: Why not put aside the bothersome problems for a while and get some fresh air outside? 2.The movie which...

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  2. 1. Your why bothersome brain in argument such not worthy of mentioning change? 2. We see the dramatization...

  3. ... a little bit of care, time and planning, you can avoid having the bothersome and unexpected problems of tired tire. 花一點點心思、時間及規劃...

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  4. 我的無名 : 你是要ㄊ的單字ㄇ? 我給你一些~ 至於發音你要自己去拼喏! 很煩 : Very bothersome 煩阿 : Bothersome Arab League

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  5. acrosome adventuresome autosome awesome blithesome boresome bothersome bunglesome burdensome centrosome chondriosome chromosome chucklesome cuddlesome cumbersome darksome delightsome...

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  6. May the words I hoped that I do not let you be bothersome .

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  7. ... remains 1 dawn day certainly is practices relay.. Bothersome ..But always compared to slowly runs 30 minute good

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  8. ...again continuously continuously to run the class schedule but to think extremely anxious was bothersome .. "

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  9. ... you really love me, you would not easily feel I am bothersome , and not easily abandon the love between us.

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  10. ...wearisome flavoursome lissome somewhat worrisome loathsomeness frolicsome somersault bothersome someone y-chromosome toothsome loathsome wholesome winsomely lonesome x-chromosome somewhere...

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