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  1. Blind Game again かなりキレてるDoll いつまでも変わらない夜をぶち壊せ ざわめく風に... いつも媚びてるだけ Cry for the sun 何も見えやしない 自分の中で誰が叫ぶ? Blind Game again かなりキメてるDoll 届かない夢ならいっそ 脱ぎ捨てろ Drastic...

  2. Q: nuclear fission 同nuclear fussion 用 blinding energy 去拆開佢 A: Nuclear fission and fusion involve the release of...

  3. ... are crazy 即使眾神都瘋了 even though the stars are blind 即使星星都暗了 if you show me real love baby 寶貝如果你向我展露真愛...

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  4. ...though the gods are crazy Even though the stars are blind If you show me real love baby I'll show you mine...

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  5. Biology詞匯 A blind -ended vessel (盲端管)is a vessel that is closed at one...street or pipe, that affords no exit. blind adj. closed at one end: a blind alley, having no opening: a blind wall. Lymphatic ...

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  6. No no image can be formed at that point.As long as there is no light sensitive cells(cone and rod cells) on the blind spot, no image can be seen.

  7. ...%20-%20Jealousy.mp3 paris hilton stars are blind

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  8. "Do-you-think-he-saurus"的讀音很似"Do you think he saw us?" 一隻盲的恐龍沒可能看見任何東西 "saurus"是所有恐龍的名稱的一部分(例:tyrannosaurus rex - 暴龍) 所以答案就是"Do-you-think-he-saurus"

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  9. ...著眼球的位置, 因為那位置放了optic nerve, 所以沒有light sensitive cell, 這位置就是 blind spot optic nerve 是碰著眼球的~

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  10. 唔係瞎的 non係指非 blinding 係指使盲的