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  1. 仙境→elfland 公主→a princess 泡泡→plisse 后冠→? 幸福→ blessedness 思念→to miss 錯過→balk 甜心→sweetheart 戀愛→court 守護→guardianship 永遠→always...

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  2. 名 詞:Happiness、welfare、 blessedness 、weal 形容詞:Happy 副 詞:Happily

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  3. ...教導 Buddha is a status where one fulfils complete wisdom and blessedness , without deficiency in either retribution. You would be reminded the completeness...

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  4. ...borderline belonging to us and makes me envision the motive of blessedness . Just for acquiring the same beauty as you value. 2006-09-18 22:59...

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  5. 在星星的另一端是否存在著幸福呢? Does there exist the blessedness on another side of the star?

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  6. 願我的朋友天天開心 May my friends happy everyday 也祝我所愛的人能幸福 And,Wish my lover be blessedness 應該是醬

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  7. Bliss Felicity prosperity Joyous blessedness Brighten future Cheerfulness gladness

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  8. ...請醫師幫你觸診以釐清,下附生殖器圖解,供你參考~ blessedness /blessp1.htm

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  9. my dear. Connect with my hair forever then, that will be the blessedness of mine. Sketch the contour of your image, character, melody...

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  10. ...是這樣翻譯的 .) A.幸福(名詞) 1.well-being; 2.happiness; 3.bliss; 4. blessedness (神的)恩惠,真福,幸福 5.blessing(上帝的)賜福;祈神賜福;祝福[C...

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