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  1. 都唔係咁快,希望幫到你...其實呢個所謂毛氊針部唔算難,普通穿線綁個結... p.s唔係廣告片,請別檢舉

  2. 很多大型百貨公司都有,如 SO GO,千色店,吉之島,視乎你住那一區,電毯最好在大型百貨公司買比較好,因為電子產品安全一點好!漏電會死人呀!

  3. You can find the answers in the following wiki documents: Go through the text and you should be able to do it by yourself. Hope can help you.

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  4. 括弧內的字本身就是正確答案 1. masquerade (v) 化裝 2. ailing (a.)生病的 3. enthralling (a.)令人著迷的 4. inaccurate (a.)錯誤的,不准確的 5. rubbish (n) 垃圾 但句子中另外有錯字:- redding => reading trashcan => trash can

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  5. 圖片參考:

  6. 如那 Blanket 是 指Security Blanket , 那便是褒義了 小孩子很多時要有安全感, 所以常常貼身帶一件東西, 如毛巾/毛毯之類, 那件東西不在身邊便很 掛念, that's a security blanket

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  7. For general, those are only suitable for small fire. fire blankets : Only the object catching fire is small in size. fire ...

  8. ... at suitable temperature for life process to occur Ans 2) The blanket trap a layer of air between body and blanket . As air is a poor conductor...

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  9. 毛毯 = blanket 枕頭 = pillow 廣播器 = public address 引擎 = engine 安全帶燈號 = seat belt light 機輪 = landing gear 尾陀 = rudder 橫陀 = elevator 駕駛艙 = cockpit 等等................ 2007-11-22 20:53:24 補充: 有咩特別字想知道可以 e-mail 我 :)

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  10. Turning off the gas stove removes the ____fuel________. A fire blanket is put over the fire and blocks_______oxygen______from the fire. ...

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