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  1. ... and TR for Marriage (i.e. keep her own life/not blab to the press or tweet about the relationship). 其實不一定!曾經劈腿前妻的男人,可以...

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  2. ...yard. Ah, the car! Woman: Well, just don't stand there blabbing all day. Let's go out and see if Katie's okay. Man...

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  3. can還有"解雇"的意思 所以在這裡She was about to can me. 就是說她將要把我解雇了 就是說她要把我甩了的意思. 其他應該不用翻譯吧?

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  4. "我只是隨便說說,別擔心"---中翻英I was just blabbing .  Don t worry. blab 瞎說亂講

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  5. 字 彙K.K.音標釋 義 blab [ 圖片參考: ]【鳥】黑頭鳥(鷗的一種) 黑頭面皰 (家

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