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  1. Noncalorically Sweetened Beverages 無熱量甜飲料 所謂無熱量甜飲料就是像「健怡可口可樂」或「百事輕怡可樂」那種添加無熱量甜味劑的 diet 汽水或飲品。

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  2. FOOD & BEVERAGE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. Food & Beverage 餐飲

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  3. and beverage trade 2.dining industry business. 4.resturant business. trade 通常第4個是較常用也較實用的

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  4. Point out according to the beverage industry person, more than one hundred billion tea beverage markets of one year of...demand that the beverage show, different to some extent naturally, in addition, the new product of beverage of our country weeds out the old and brings forth the new, kind...

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  5. ...統稱在“英-英”詞典裡有三個﹕ 1 liquor: a distilled or spirituous beverage , as brandy or whiskey, as distinguished from a fermented beverage , as...

  6. 1.alcoholic beverage service at a banquet featuring all brands available at the property宴會廳中提供酒類飲品服務, 其特色是所有品牌皆可免費提供2.alcoholic beverages service at a banquet featuring several brands selected from those...

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  7. 餐飲科的英文是Food and Beverage Department 科主任的英文是department head 註:food and beverage 常簡稱作F&B

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  8. The combination of interesting beverages and fine dining is going down a treat with local dogs and...

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  9. The beverage center must not be used by children or invalids, without supervision...監護人的監督下使用儲酒櫃, 以防儲酒櫃被不當使用 Children may use the beverage center only if supervised by an adult, in order to prevent them from...

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  10. 呃,我常常见的呐。 legal consumption 是合法的消费/ 消耗/ (吃,喝,使用) 例如,The legal consumption of alcoholic beverages for California drivers is .... mg/ ml.

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