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  1. 我覺得順序改一下,會有更傳神的意境:An object,a thing,is bestowed with life,due to our imaginations. 2006-03-21 11:58:45 補充: 這是廣告標題嗎?

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  2. is so small. Nobody would have thought that favors bestowed would benefit their own progeny.

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  3. ...+-+Stina+Nordenstam&_lk=TO+YOU+I+ BESTOW +-+MUNDY&_andor=and&_ss=song

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  4. ...from you Tastes like nectar on flowers (2) Every kiss bestowed upon me Is like nectar on flowers. (3) A kiss from...

  5. ... which in the Alps acme severe environment yun is pregnant to bestow on the live factor, provides the flesh ultra strong defense capability, provides...

  6. ...all our problems. Still you are very patient and have bestowed much love to me. I love you.

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  7. ... is a baby shower, a gathering of friends and family to bestow blankets, booties, toys, and tiny sweaters on an expectant...

  8. ...這一段情,真的是天賜良緣、得來不易。 Wife, I am really bestowed by heaven the good match, hard-earned with this section of feelings of...

  9. ... the power of you and me 賜與他們平等的毀滅吧 Let's bestow them with equal annilation

  10. 九乘九文具專家全省門市: bestows .php

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