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  1. Tony likes to make believe ... and scare .... and連結的是當作主要動詞likes受詞的兩組不定詞片語:to make believe ...和(to) scare... 不定詞不會有隨主詞第三人稱單數變化的問題。

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  2. ... saying to someone is true or correct  例1. ‘Do you really believe her?’ ‘Of course I do!’   例2. ‘I hope this idea of...

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  3. To see is to believe . 百聞不如一見,不定詞當主詞用,而本句To still be suffering是不定詞片詞用分詞,是強調用意,當主詞用

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  4. ... actually exist名詞子句當作主詞補語)?      It is commonly believed (that Dracula, the book character, was inspired by a real person...

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