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  2. Absolutely not. At least 2 major components are not comparable - intake manifold and transmission.

  3. Your monitor has nothing to do with your computer's performance. It is entirely up to you if you want to upgrade.

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  4. 問題1, 2, 3 均不成立;本題句子解析如下。 Investors are trying to assess the extent to(介係詞,釋義:對於,關於) [which(關係代名詞...

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  5. Social welfare concerns about well-being from inside out.

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  6. ...://

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  7. (the) previous quarter(s): 前(幾)幾季 the most previous quarter: 最近一季 most 翻成「最」 如果是我來寫這句英文,我會用”last quarter"來取代”the ...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2019年08月25日

  8. ...請問一下 如果是何併4個class B 就是要用第二個255來結合嗎? class B is /16. Merging 4x /16 subnet will have a subnet of 16-log(4) = /14. So...