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  1. ... to eat to mouth by the fellow-friends without good reason.He " is forced"to open his mouth by friends "in a strong manner" to eat unbelievably !!!

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  2. ...trip came down very tired and embrassed, yet I felt very strong and firm in body and spirit. That day would be my memorable day worth remembering.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2020年09月23日

  3. ...3)We had rain, snow and wind last weekend. (4)We had strong winds, thunder and lightning down by the sea  last weekend.

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  4. The answer is no. Wires are rated based on how strong the current can go through. So if you do this, there is a high possibility of fire (overheat and overload).

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  5. would that ... used to express a strong wish or desire: Would that (=if only) she could see ...常用來表示強烈的不滿或遺憾。 If only I were healthy! 要是我身體還健康就好了!(但我現在身體已經...

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  6. ...39;s ability to withstand recession. (O) = The financial industry has been good and strong to withstand recession despite the difficult situation this year. (Other example from...

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  7. 2007, Fortune was rated "Him" the strongest Businessman of the year. Errors&corrections:- ...

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  8. ... Being caught by such weather in a boat/在小船上被困在如此天氣 may be rather unpleasant/會很不舒服 as strong wind will not allow you to enjoy fishing /因為強風會讓你無法享受釣魚樂in...

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  9. ... am willing to endure hardship,willing to learn, to study, always work under strong pressure. On this issue, the assistant is what I have been looking for as a progress through life as ...

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