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  1. Regarding the lack of 17 PCS, I would like to ask whether you could provide the extra BARRELS ? ?Is it possible if the BARRELS can send together with the 5000PACS BARRELS next time?

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  2. Shit 這個字(也是糞便的意思)比較粗俗,你可以將 "恭桶" 譯做 Excrement Barrel 。

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2009年10月31日

  3. ...for multiple counters of the objects in the barrels have been removed, replaced all of... bed room in all three counters under the barrel , near the room between the closet and ground cover where...

  4. be included with the goods, as well as 30 pieces of barrel . Could you please kindly tell us promptly when you would be able to send...

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  5. ... in entry does not paid money out of method, he to large garbage barrels touches sensor, again drove out gate, to garbage barrels push...

  6. ... 3 key, one is house Qi, one is locker , one is 櫃 barrel 3.Key deducts to be in me one time a friend Thai travel...

  7. ... the grain of rice into water trough, with wash rice plane wash, put among big barrel soaking again. 3. Will soak the rice well and wear into the rice thick...

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  8. Saudi Arabia are estimated to be 267 billion barrels .

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  9. 千期唔好用機器 翻譯 , 翻左都冇人明你講咩啦, andy你自己知唔知個段講咩架!!?? 金鯱係golden barrel cactus: 圖片參考:

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  10. ...許可,請勿複製作任何用途!!! 6.貨物會運送到以下地址: (以上內容全為本人自行 翻譯 ,不是用一般 翻譯 軟件協助,如內容文法有誤,請予以改正。)

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