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  1.  狗語言翻譯機 Dog Barks Translation DeviceSorry, image not...項圈上的microphone發出來。Samples of dogs barking in various emotional states as judged by ...

    分類:寵物 > 2006年02月15日

  2. ...year is the dog year of lunar calendar, hopes everyone can be like that the bark "wong wong wong" which in Taiwan means prosperity!!

    分類:寵物 > 2006年02月07日

  3. ... Hsiung belongs to the ultra large-scale dog, therefore the bark quite is also big, if had not considered other conditions...

    分類:寵物 > 2005年12月04日

  4. ...、Jumping) ~~~~定置(Fixation)-注視Staring、吠叫(Barking)、靜止不動(Freezing)、抓(Scratching) ~~~~追逐燈光、反射...

    分類:寵物 > 2005年06月23日