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  1. ... English ~ to cook food over/under extremely high heat broil fish, chicken BAKE (verb) ~ to make food, such as bread, cakes, by preparing a dough, batter...

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  2. ...加高熱後放上肉類或食物來烤烘,用熱力傳遞間接燒烤。沒有炒、煎等動作。 bake : 焗。將肉類或食物放入焗爐內,加熱焗熟。用熱力幅射而不用明火。

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  3. bake vt. 1. 烘,烤 We bake bread and cake in an oven. 我們用烤箱烘麵包與糕點。 2. 烘乾...我熱死了。 Turn on the air conditioner -- I'm baking in here. 開冷氣!這裡熱極了。 n. 1. 烘,烤[U] 2...

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  4. 過去式 ask > asked bake > baked be(is/am/are) > was break...

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  5. 1. baked (We bake bread and cake in an oven.) 2. boiled eggs (水煮蛋...from the butcher (肉販) 4. Helen prefers fried rice to (be?) baked . 唔會用水去煮炒飯吧? 5. roast (烘烤的) beef

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  6. Tuna Baked Spaghetti Grouper meal ticket meters Grilled... sauce ribs with rice Curry pork chop rice Grilled cheese baked rice Stone Ban Sauce Chicken Rice ...

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  7. ...1)agree--agreed--agreed, (2)ask--asked--asked, (3) bake -- baked -- baked , (4)bark--barked--barked, (10)borrow--...

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  8. in this sentence baked is not a verb it is an adjective just for discribe a cooked chicken

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  9. held, baked ,needed

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  10. baked mussels topped with cheese pan fried pork chops in orange gravy sponge cake

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