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  1. a mysterious guest from time to time to visit shops audit 4. Service Center, sooner or ...reimburstment →→→ 無此單字 2009-10-19 19:21:38 補充: 翻譯 : Problems   問題 with: 介系詞: 1. 跟 2...

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  2. 我會在接下來幾堂課中旁聽 如果沒問題的話 我將請示主管成為正式班員 ====================================I will audit in the next few classes, and if it goes right, I will request to join as a formal member.

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  3. 危害分析沒完成和關鍵的過程沒被鑑定被審計。 與關鍵過程的監控走有關係的程式將被歸入反對GSCP 要求的內部審計。

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  4. ...know your concentration for your Masters in Accounting Audit and Financial Accounting Accounting Information...

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  5. ...改正的行動影響 PM A1/A 2篇審計工作摘要 Note: Audit plan may change as a result of the progress of on-site audit a注意到︰ 審計計畫可以...

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  6. 1.一般 aceepted 審計標準已被批評不同源因未能提供有用的指引,進行一個 audit .The 評論家們相信,標準應該更具體,使從業人員來提高品質的標準現在...

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  7. ...帳簿上的金額填入下方的空格中, 並加註填寫人的名字與填寫的地點. 這不是 翻譯 , 這只是說明那封信的用意罷了. 您也可以不用理它.

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  8. ... services to clients-promoting integrity and sound audit opinions over higher short-run profits.安達信的策略是為...

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  9. ... of people the term or the Board of Auditors Set the Audit Committee is composed of all independent directors...

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  10. Our annual finial audit run smooth and great by Japanese head office. Here is the staff photo for your reference.

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