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  1. ...can visit us at Shenzhen on 4/15 or 4/16. Please respond at your earliest convenience . Thank you .

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  2. ...let us know if you have any demand for it now, if you do, you may place order at your convenience .

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  3. ...圍毆嗎? = =) 正確的說法如下: Waiter, would you please get me a beer at your soonest convenience ? 個人認為可以再禮貌一點; 可把 Waiter改成 Sir(男) 或 ...

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  4. ... your company on X X,2014, please reply to us at your earliest convenience . If admitted, we could arrange the traffic and accommodation in advance. Your ...

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  5. ...attachment. We appreciate it if you could confirm, sign off and send back to us at your earliest convenience . We would then arrange to start the production as soon as we can. 由於要配合我們...

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  6. ... from your company at Tel: 07-555555 Ext. 281 at your earliest convenience . We look forward to your attendance.

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  7. apologize for any inconvenience to you due to the network problem in your room. At your convenience , we would like to send an engineer to your room to troubleshoot the problem. ...

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  8. ...will become the personality development important foundation, in family's child since childhood at your convenience understands in the future taps new resources and ...

  9. ...more about what I am capable of, I will be available for an interview at your convenience . Sincerely yours

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  10. 大致上的意思是這樣ㄉ: 謝謝你寄信到 Xbox 消費者服務中心 關於你的問題,我們真的深感抱歉關於你的使用不便,請稍做等待,我們將盡全力用每個方法去協助你。 關於你的問題,我們將會需要更多的資料和細節,請打電話與我們聯絡,以便我們能協助你解決你的問題...

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