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  1. ...任何/一切)辦法 3. forward點解? and would ask you to return the faulty ones at your convenience with freight forward to our company. freight forward = 貨運速運(遞)

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  2. & will be pleased to come for an interview granted to me at your convenience . I can be reached by my mobile phone xxxxxxx or email address xxxxx...

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  3. 我希望你儘快跟我聯絡。 只有一是對的 這是表達的問題,書信裏也是這樣寫的。

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  4. ... please find Invoice#...... I would appreciate if you could remit at your earliest convenience . Thank you ! an 希望你快D收到數啦!

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  5. ...application in your serious consideration. 7.I will be available for an interview at your earlier convenience . ----i am looking forward to hearing from you at your ...

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  6. ... would be grateful if you could grant me an opportunity to attend an interview at your convenience . Thank you for your attention. Yours sincerely, XXX...

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  7. ...hairpin h store H wells up, puts in U not to need to say at your convenience , the ornamental hairpin h famous food shop already made an appointment in most recent...

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  8. ... kindly to settle the outstanding balance for the year of 2010 at your earliest convenience . 唔好用 as soon as possible (唔禮貌, 個頭用 please kindly 跟手用asap. 唔係禁好...

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2011年03月02日

  9. (1) I am immediately available. (2) I can report duty at your earliest convenience . (3) I am ready to report duty immediately. 印刷操作員: Printing Operator / Printing Machine Operator

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2007年06月26日

  10. .... 最後一種用法: absolute structure, 用作意思獨立的子句, placed at the beginning of a sentence, or after the main clause. It is ...

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