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  1. ever==adv.1) always; 2) at any time ; 3) in any way: AT ALL; forever==adv. 1)for a limitless time ; 2) at all times :ALWAYS; I will not forget it forever.我將永遠不會忘記這事; I will not ever forget it. 我將無論如何不會忘記這事;

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2012年07月07日

  2. 香港每輛的士限載客5人(不計司機, 連司機6人), 的士前後掛有綠色座位限額牌, 列明規定的載客量5人. 但法例亦有寫註明, 在計算的士可接載的乘客人數時: 1) 3歲以下的小童不計算在內; 2) 3名年滿3歲而身高不超過1.3米的小童, 作兩人計算; 但兩名該等小童也當作兩人計算.

  3. ...39;t have any time to waste. (你沒有時間可以浪費) anytime:(副詞)在任何時間地 (= at any time ,英文字典的解釋就是這樣列的," at any time "的文法結構就是"介係詞...

  4. 1. Yes. At any times , you can ask to cancel the contract...will allow you to cancel the contract with any further consequence (as you know, it takes money and time to kick a person out).

  5. ...80/3.6 = 200/9 m/s Let a be the deceleration, then the instantaneous velocity at any time t from the moment of applying the brake is v = 200/9 - at Also...

    分類:科學及數學 > 數學 2009年11月21日

  6. ...給她 ================================================================== You can stop at any time you like. 妳想要, You can stop at any time you like. 可以...

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2010年02月02日

  7. At any time t after the chain is released, let x (it is a function... the chain leaves the table, x = L. The velocity at that time is: v² = g/L { L² - b² } v = √[g...

  8. during your employment,在你的聘用期內, the required written notice is one-month notice.需要以書面作一個月前的離職通知, Notice may be given at any time .通知可在任何時間呈遞。

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2009年10月05日

  9. Taking upward direction as positive, we have, at any time : Net force acting on the mass = -Mgekt...加上去的 mass 在加上的剎那是靜止. 知佢mass of the body at its highest point 就知佢成個行程中的...

    分類:科學及數學 > 數學 2008年12月31日

  10. ... of Absence at any time . However, ...can choose not to recongize any credits as they want...worth it. USCIS, at their discretion, and study at the same time . Remember, you have...

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