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  1. assured [E5FuEd] adj. 確定的, 有保證的 自信的, 自滿的 有把握的, 放心的 you may rest assured that... 對...你盡可放心 assured [E5FuEd] n. [the assured (s)]被保險人 assuredly [E5FJErIdlI...

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  2. Assuring you of our best services at all times. 保證閣下任何時間均可享用我們最優質的服務。

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  3. Assure I'Hydratation & Ia Souplesse de Votre Peau 穩固你皮膚的乾濕度和柔軟性

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  4. 冇分別 可以互通使用

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  5. with an assuring look (adverb) He gave her an assuring gaze. (sounds Chinglish but that is what you want)

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  6. ...他們有兩個職位空缺現正進行招聘. You are in the shortlist, rest assured 的意思是 他可確保, 你在候選名單之中. 可能因為他覺得你是個頗適合的人選...

  7. assured beloved certified dignified entertained fulfilled gratified horrified inactivated jilted

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  8. ...sentence is Octopus (Company) has constantly been assuring us (MTRC) that the rules and regulations have ...

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  9. ..., 他將希臘的思想、文化和生活方式,帶給他征服的國家。 and assured expansion and domination of Hellenistic Culture which, 而且確立了...

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2007年05月07日

  10. ... oftern use the old or new 7-QC tools(diagrams) to assure quality product, while QAu assure to management system performance and efficiencyof ...