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  1. very quickly. 3. 你很難溶入一個另一個國家如果你不居住在那. keyword: assimilate It is quite difficult to assimilate a foreign country without live there...

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  2. 他是被台灣人同化了的外國人A. Heis a foreigner (who is) assimilated by the Taiwanese.B. Heis a Taiwanese- assimilated foreigner. 2011-06-30 14:08:57 補充: He is /

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  3. The“assimilation rule” assimilates one sound similar to the following one by copying one of its phonetic features 此同化律是藉著複製辨音成分之一部分把一語音同化成與隨後的語音相類似.

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  4. " We are the Borg. You Will be Assimilated , Resistence is Futile!!! " 提供一個聯結給你!! 僅供參考

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  5. ... have they changed? The Chinese language has assimilated many English words into its daily use, such as 酷 (cool), 粉絲...

  6. ...for the purpose of keeping improving myself, I need to assimilate (它就有消化並吸收的意思了) more knowledge and absorb myself in(my...

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  7. Spread the seed of kindness. Grow the vein of friendship. Absorb and assimilate .

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  8. ..., and that older communities of Chinese have assimilated and have statistics more in line with the general U.S. population.ABCs...

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  9. ... the educational level is higher, people put more concern on nutrition assimilating , and even more people change their eating habit for this concern. (建議使用...

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  10. ... then moved out, leaving the remaining minority assimilated into Hakka culture. This is why Longtan has...

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