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  1. Ask yourself this question: Why would a U.S. school has a Canadian domain (.ca)? If you know the answer, you will know how good this school is.

  2. Ask your college teachers' help. They will know details.

  3. You asked the wrong question. Your chance of getting an employment authorization beyond...

  4. ...that. I was under the impression that you didn't know the answer so you asked . But if you already found the information, you should have already ...

  5. You have ask you know him well to give ur personal information to a stranger that you know on internet? It's up to you. If he has any troubles with the law here, poor of you....!~

  6. You can ask your formal/ present school teacher or company boss to recommend you to the school or... recommend letters were written by myself and last ask them to sign~! hey~! nobody recommend themsevles~! you can recommend ...

  7. ...some of your credits not in the university level. You will be asked to take more undergraduate credits before you really begin your MBA...

  8. ... tell AIT during interview for the update - and provide the report if asked .

  9. ...he is not related to the U.S. Also, you can ask your relative to help you.

  10. ...of recs. , and research experience. 6) i dunno about this one. You need to ask med school students.

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