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  1. 咖啡店幾點開門? What time coffee shop will open? 現在幾點幾分? What time is it now? 現在八點半 It is eight thirty now. 那電影是七點十五分 That film is fifteen past seven. 雖然都不太確定 但是希望有幫到你

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  2. "愛在屋簷下"Life as a House (2001) 經典對白可以到以下網址去看 內容還滿多的

    分類:娛樂與音樂 > 電影 2005年09月28日

  3. 你說的應該是這一幕吧 是1960年的老歌 原唱:Drifters 歌名:Save the Last Dance for Me 最近期的有Michael Buble翻唱 收錄專輯:It's Time(2005) 圖片參考...

    分類:娛樂與音樂 > 電影 2007年10月04日

  4. As I was going up the stair當我走上樓梯 I met a man who wasn t there我看到一個不在那裡的人He wasn t there again today 今天他又不在那裡 I wish, I wish he d go away 我希望他會永遠消失

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  5. As Harry races against time and evil to destroy the Horcruxes, he...

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  6. ... not this reminding common people Any difficult thing , so long as one s own all mental and physical efforts of your Kenya s bet...

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  7. As long as you love me-Backstreet Boys Although...'t care what is written in your history As long as you're here with me *I don't care who you ...

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  8. cool as ice,中文片名:他酷的像冰 由九十年代著名饒舌歌Vanilla Ice...

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  9. As my understanding, Sparrow is a kind of last name...

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  10. 原名: As it is in Heaven 中譯:就像在天堂 2007-09-02 10:00:31 補充: 最後音樂家就在那美好的旋律中被主接走了

    分類:娛樂與音樂 > 電影 2007年09月02日