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  1. 時序: 1. She left. 2. Henry arrived . 3. So she did not see him. 正確答案:B  「過去完成式」she had left在「過去簡單式」he left there之前發生 先離開的她沒看到後來到的他(時序合理)

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  2. "come to an end" 是一個常用的片語.也就是"結束"的意思.

  3. 1,How much should I weigh for my height and age?我的身高和年齡換算体重應該是多少?是否过重或輕,以主動形式使用 2,另一個測量動詞如measure亦是如此使用,例The rope measures 2 feet.

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  4. around the same time I arrived = around the same time when I arrived = around the same time as I arrived "when I arrived " 是關係子句 在這裡 當形容詞用 用來形容 time. 意思是<我到達的>時間

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  5. ...過了期"/延誤了,對方才會用這複雜的句式。 這動詞should have had arrived 拆解如下: arrive 是基本動詞=對方想表達的主題是貨物的"送達"/"到達...

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  6. ...account to our customers due date must be one week after the goods arrived . We have to remind you that deadline has passed as goods...

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  7. .... So all Jersey mails will need further transportation before arriving to Jersey.

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  8. ..., then the fourth packs of cigarettes will arrive next week. Or:-eg:-The 4th pack arrives ----with the 3 previous...

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  9. know the girl, whom you're talking about, has arrived .; Hence I know the girl to whom you're talking about...

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  10. ... high school is a girls' school. When I arrive at the Shih Chien University of International...

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