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  1. 因為 "  arrive  at "   是片語(應該可解釋成片段的英語)       * arrive in:到達國家,都市   arrive at:到達村莊,地點   arrive + to 是沒有在這樣使用的!     了解嗎?

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  2. When they arrive at the enemy’s gates, he halts and demands an audience with...

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  3. COME這個字是主動的動詞,所以第一個句子, The books will come tomorrow. 這樣就是書自已走來的。 另外,come 是來,來到的意思,而 arrive 有抵達,到達的意思。 兩個字是不能共用的

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  4. Whether arrive school route prove. The person who takes... right,about 15 minutes, can arrive . Take the person who transports victory... Road keep straight on, can arrive .

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  5. 1.● arrive (+at/in 地方)  到達表示「到達某地方」;後面可不加「地方」(受詞),若要加,則中間需有介詞at或in。例如:  Your train will arrive soon?  We arrived at the station at 3:00 P.M.  ...

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  6. Since you arrived it's been one complaint after another!從你抵達這裡開始, 抱怨就接二連三.

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  7. come, go, arrive , leave等這些動詞, 稱為「來去動詞」, 在表示未來時間或...wrong, he will never think of his father. By the time he arrives here, we will have already left. When you arrive at the shop, you...

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  8. ...片還未有海報喔!!!請近請期待 Vanessa Hudgens - Sears Arrive Video 圖片參考:

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  9. You are the last person arrived . 還是要改成 You are the last person...為完整的 You are the last person that arrived . 你若省略that... arrived 要變為分詞構句...

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  10. arrive +at 是+某建築物/場所 arrive +in 是+某城市/國家 兩者都是 到達某地方 ㄉ意思,只是地點不同而已喔!!! 了解了吧!!!!! >////< !!!!! 2007-01-05 19:11:10 補充: 場所例~車站 .郵局. 銀行等!!!

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