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  1. arresting 字根是 arrest 逮捕的意思 arresting 做形容詞就有勾魂折魄,令人目不轉睛...引人注目,較有令人震驚的意味 讓我這樣說吧 恐龍妹變成林志玲,她就是變得 arresting 如果林志玲變成恐龍妹,她的轉變就叫 striking!

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  2. arrest 逮捕 抓到 算是比較正式的用語 常用在警方用語 比如說 警方逮捕小偷 The police arrested the thief. 但也可以翻成 警察抓到小偷 但catch就比較沒有那麼正式了 catch可...

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  3. 停滯的成年狀態 或 停滯的成年階段 原本書名 Arrested Adulthood: The Changing Nature of Maturity and Identity 停滯的成年狀態: 成熟與認同的善變本質

  4. ... nothing but trouble. 2014-04-21 22:59:50 補充: This program " arrested development" must get you a crocodile. You have ask a few questions...

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  5. 是被動式沒錯 只是略了省略了"was" 新聞標題中常會為了強調聳動效果 省略次要的詞句

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  6. Give me a chance to tell the Bard’s tale, and I give you my word on humble knee, whence you shall not say, "it wasn’t e’er to be." 給我一個敘說莎翁劇作的機會,我卑微地跪求並給予承諾,因此你絕不說,"過去從未如此。" Bard 指...

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  7. summary arrest --> arrest without a warrant 此有不需拘票即得逕行拘捕之意思 尤其是當碰到抗拒拘提、逮捕的情形

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  8. Unless there is something I don't know of, otherwise, this questioned sentence has NO implied meaning (of course, this program sometimes can be surprised). It is just a saucy (俏皮的) way of saying "...

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  9. Kitty: G.O.B.? I wish I would have known you were coming. I am a mess. 照字譯:George Oscar Bluth Jr. 我真希望我事前知道你要來,我看起來遭透了. 意譯:Kitty...

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  10. This is just playing with words and logic! "nothing" itself already means "no work (or appointment) scheduled", then why needs to "cancel"? (1)Lindsay has NO work or appointment in his...

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