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  1. ...或美學上的事物上"少量運用的方式"反而更有效率. 2.為什麼此句中的 approach to 不用使用第三人稱動詞--- approaches to 呢?還是Yahoo字典的...

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  2. =基本信息 = Trnsabdominal進場 數據: 學習理由:     單胎懷孕     演示文稿:頂點     羊水:正常     胎盤成熟度:0     胎盤部位:前部     性別:女性     數據:BPD:8.43CM,EFW:2618gm 印象:未發現具體發現

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  3. Q1與Q2都不是假設語氣 它們都是對已經發生的事實 表示驚訝的語氣

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  4. ...keep fit are proper things for everyone.If we used right approach to keep fit then would have a healthy body and a sound mind. There are...

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  5. ...的媒體來鼓勵美國人正面處理這些緊張情勢是對其有利的。 Rather, new approaches to marketing make it increasingly worthwhile for even the largest ...

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  6. ...; 1 / cosx When x->0, 1/cosx ->1, cosx ->1 ,so sinx/x approach 1 as x ->0

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  7. [註解]此句有上文。在CIO刊載的這篇《Calling all coders: is AI coming for your job?》開篇提到說,人工智能將會取代人們工作,這引發了人們的狂熱和猜疑。(This triggers a mix of enthusiasm and paranoia.)但在這些...

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  8. 這不是一個完整的句子.可以給一個完整的嗎? Often taking them faraway places before the concept of a global design firm really existed. (X) [These people] often [took] them faraway places before the concept of a global design firm...

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  9. Approaching Nirvana - Closer

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  10. 1. 2 reasons. a. The plane has not approached the power point yet. b. The exact location on the runway does not ...

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