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  1. ...not good; it should be "very much appreciated " I could very appreciate it if you would send us a copy. ( 錯 or 對, 點解 ) Error (1) The...

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  2. to appreciate it , to be interested in it . You will devote more, the more you devote, the better you grasp the key elements and concepts. Ask more than you already know!

    分類:科學及數學 > 生物學 2007年11月02日

  3. ...10-23 11:40:25 補充: You are protective of Katie. I appreciate it . ( it = your being protective of Katie)

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  4. ... to find if WVU is an accredited insitution since if it is a non-accredited insitution (you could invest some time to look into...

  5. .... Our production lead time would be affected. We would appreciated it if you can accept to postpone our bulk shipment for 2 weeks. Please...

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  6. ... three samples of my work in my portfolio. I would appreciate it very much if you could please comment on these. Thanks in advance for your...

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  7. ... websites can give you more ideas about the poem and help you appreciate it .

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  8. ... this to thank for your kindness and ............................, I appreciate it a lot. With all my respect, i would like to say - THANK ...

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  9. ...time to meet with me again for a second round of interview. I really appreciate it very much because you have been extremely professional in explaining ...

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  10. 有人幫我做嘢, 幫我好多, 應該點講? Thousand thanks for what you have done for me. I really appreciate it ( from the very bottom of my heart.) ^_^ Try these then. 886

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    i appreciate it