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  1. ...have no time to answer it U; thats ok. after all YOU ; thank you for your help and it s really appreciate .

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  2. ... you please cancel the one of it for me? Thank you . It's very appreciate for your kindly help .

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  3. You could simply search on yahoo main page for (or google it) "Watch CNN online for free" than you can watch:) 2009-07-22 22:51:38 補充: p.s. It's just like what you watch on TV ^^

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  4. ...will talk to him. A:真是非常謝謝妳! A: I m so appreciated for your help ! B:不會啦。 B: Don t mention it.

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  5. .... Please give me the opportunity, and I will be very appreciate for your kind help . Thank you very much.l\

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  6. "No one would agree to abandon people to poverty had they not themselves been hurt." 若非本身曾受過傷害,沒有人會任由別人陷於窮困而袖手旁觀 。 2013-12-09 00:58:20 補充: abandon…to…: 使放縱,使聽任 例句: She abandoned herself...

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  7. ...di assistenza. 3.We would appreciate your early reply. Rimaniamo... our price list for your reference. Le... you for all your kindly help . La (Vi) ringraziamo...

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  8. ... still have not received your order, can you please follow this up for us? Your help is deeply appreciated . Hi Leo, Confirming your order has been...

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