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  1. You are a lifesaver. 人際關係,本來就沒有"絕對"one size fits all的 唯一絕招. 對屬下 要怎說才"貼切" 就要看二人之間平時的關係與互動,還有上司手中的賞罰能力. 要是我的老闆說要放我一周的假,我就會說她是真的感激我的辛勞. 不然都是假的.

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  2. ...this overdue account at your earliest convenience within one week would be appreciated . ------------------------------------Yours faithfully, ---------------------------------------English...

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  3. 你的貨在四月十一日己寄出,尤於你選擇的運送方式並無法追踪貨物運送流向, 一般約需要十五到三十天才能寄到, 但不包括海關時間, 若你五月二十二日仍未收到, 請再聯絡賣方。 問台灣海關吧。 一般要寄到不同國家都有填海關單, 你問他能否海關單影本給你, 有可能卡在海關...

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  4. ...quot;BECOMING" a great pirate. 改正你用錯的"字"。 so I appreciate with him是不好亦是錯的加插方法,假如要加插連接詞應是 ... whom...

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  5. It is unconscionable that as my munshi you should have lied to me in any way. 怎麼說你都是我的導師, 竟然對我撒謊, 真是豈有此理! Here's a good reference page:

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  6. Typical uses: (A) phrasal verb: subject somebody/something to something Oxford - [often passive] to make somebody/something experience, suffer or be affected by something, usually something unpleasant (there is an implied actor of the verb) (B1) adjective: - be subject to...

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  7. ... make sure and take care of this matter. Your cooperation is deeply appreciated .

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