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  1. ... CHINESE Dr. == MS. WANG ?I AM APPRECIATED RespectfullySincerely 謝謝你你將儘快改變你的姓氏"陳"...

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  2. ... and giving bad evaluations. I'll appreciate it very much for your kind criticism!

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  3. ...接下來的談判?" -->你們二位能否處理接下來的談判/協商? 3.I would appreciate it very much if two of us could negotiate this deal. 這筆交易若可以只有我們...

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  4. ...future, I can accompany all the time and warm my life. 我多加了" appreciated " 意思 是很感激你喔~ 希望有助於你喔 ~

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  5. 1.對於你在2009年1月22日的回覆我們很樂意提供公司的產品 2並告知您,我們是頂尖的的出口商之ㄧ 感謝您立刻處理運送事宜

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  6. hoe應該是how.在了解你敘述完之後...如你工作穩定.我不認為換工作是比較好

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  7. After appreciate how do you described into account, it is really troublesome. To...

  8. ...2013-12-12 14:34:23 補充: abandon這個字本身就有「放任」、「任由」的 意思 。 而會讓我用上「袖手旁觀」 的英文字是agree to + 整句話的脈絡(context...

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  9. 這兩個又是亂翻,第二個還好,但是 意思 也不對。應該是這樣:那些感受到主管重視的低階員工,比那些沒有感受到的員工...

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  10. ...越來越了解大概是怎麼一回事了, However, I seemed be able to appreciate the plot with gradual and fragmented understanding of the film. 2013...

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