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  1. ...指兩首歌"BAD DAY"和" APOLOGIZE "? ----------------------------------------------------- Bad...07:28 補充: ---------------------------------------------------------- Apologize :: I'm holding on your rope...

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  2. 補充樓上既回答 Apologize 既演唱者絕對係OneRepublic 歌曲最初版本...監製既作品,包括佢同OneRepublic合作既 Apologize (remix version)。Timbaland版本既 Apologize ...

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  3. ...think I'd turn around and say.. That it's too late to apologize , it's too late I said it's too late to apologize , it...

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  4. Gossip Girl 美國電視劇集插曲: Apologize [One Republic] I'm...] I said it's too late to apologize , a-yeahhhhhhhhh I said it's too late...

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  5. ... Mr. Petrosky, (親愛的Petrosky先生) I apologize for the mix-up of order #: 26429782. We have just implemented a new...

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  6. vi. 1. 道歉;認錯,賠不是[(+to/for)] He apologized to her for not going to her party. 他因為沒有出席她舉行的宴會而向她表示歉意。 2. 辯解,辯護

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2007年04月19日

  7. 不如你上 我愛音樂網( 有好多...慢慢搵啦

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  8. apologize = say sorry 動詞 I apologize for my careless mistake. 我為我的無心之失道歉.

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  9. 去呢度-->

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  10. OneRepublic... Timberland features in one of the versions of the song only:) Hope I can help you.

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