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  1. 痛苦在後面 背部疼痛中是其中一人類的頻繁不滿。 它不是認可年齡,經濟或者種族障礙。 差不多成人人口的80%將遇到或者遇到了背部疼痛的某種形式。 在我們的高技術社會,背部疼痛成為了普遍流行性,并且主要原因人尋找治療。 背部疼痛的起因是許多。 病症例如肌肉張力或痙孿也許...

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  2. ... report may help change horse-export law Most Annoying Sound Is Stomach Turning... unavoidable. Gay marriage ban a stomach turner( 意思 是說禁止同性戀結婚很令人反胃)

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  3. ... is a bad day. Summer is really annoyed . Study English is really ...08-22 08:42:55 補充: I like "to" goof off 意思 是我喜歡鬼混嗎? 答: 嗯! 正確!

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  4. ...將所有一切煩心的都忘卻 Forget all the things which are annoy you. 2009-11-05 20:15:17 補充: 將所有一切煩心的都忘卻 Forget all...

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  5. ... advice to the driver 10. order around: to give someone orders in an annoying or threatening way Syn: boss around, push around E.g. How...

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  6. 我每次所有使您困惱是生氣的.對不起 這是翻譯工具>>>整句翻譯的

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  7. ... no use trying. It is nice to be home again. It annoys me to hear people blaming everything on the government. It is...

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  8. ...說法 get on one's nerves, (使煩躁, 使生氣或激怒一個人) to irritate, annoy , or provoke one: Boisterous children get on my nerves...

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  9. 只幫你翻譯 這句話 But its raining, not as much as where u r, but still annoying :P 但是在下雨,雖然沒有妳們那裏下的那麼多,但仍然很討厭/煩 not as much as....不如...那麼多 as 如.....一樣 提供你參考!!

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  10. ...the most important component in a healthy relationship. All poor people are annoying and hard to maintain good relationship with. (just add more water here...) 2.Who are you closet to? 這句 意思 是 你 跟誰最親近? On each Sunday, I am ...

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