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  1. Last week, the inaugural class of Schwarzman Scholars was announced 上週,清華蘇世民獎學金公佈首批入選者名單

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  2. Hi, The layer will announce the details OF the show tomorrow the details...original sentence would look more natural this way: The layer will announce the show in detail tomorrow. 13. in detail, item by item; with...

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2008年11月29日

  3. usually you can check in above is the link for you reference

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  4. ...2. The results of the entrance examination ( was / were ) announced two days ago. The results were announced ...

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  5. announce , apologize, advise, answer, appeal, air (v), applaud, allure, argue, assert, allege bellow, blame...

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  6. Announce : Obama announced some policy against gun control in America...

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  7.; 製作種子,先在一般的頁面內 tracker伺服器空白處填上: announce announce .php announce

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  8. ...做的,你需要加入一些server清單 announce announce announce announce announce

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  9. a retailer outlets announced a "buy 4 get 1 free" sale for clothing. What ...

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  10. ... You will also be entitled to all statutory holidays announced by the government of The Hong Kong SAR. >這僱傭合約...