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  1. Animal communicators are here to help. Does the "to help"... by a direct object, the preposition to, and the prepositional object=to help ( animal ). eg:- Animal communicators are here to help animal .

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  2. 人獸交正確的說法是 bestiality animal sex 可以形容兩人之間瘋狂的做愛﹐有如動物般﹐端看你怎麼用。 Let...用 animal sex 來形容人獸交...通常是用我一開始提到的字﹐要不然就是 sex with animals . 2007-05-21 14:01:06 補充: animal sex 本身的意思就是兩個動物之間的性愛...

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  3. party animal 是英文的俚語,指的是一天到晚參加舞會狂歡的人。 我在網路上找到一篇對話... coming to David's party. Tom is a real party animal ! LH: Larry, 你說什麼?Tom是party animal ?Tom是人...

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  4. ...比較恰當 假如是我,我會用 Dogs are loyal animals . 或者 Dogs are loyal. 因為大家都知道狗是動物 所以會變成墜...

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  5. great question........ actually it is 50-50 chance there might not be a corect answer Both of them are string it might depends on yourself or do researches 2007-12-07 22:04:51 補充: I mean strong(I typed it wrong) ha

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  6. 1. My favorite animal is lion.我最喜愛的動物是獅子(凡是獅子,我都喜歡。用單數表示全體... a lion.我最喜愛的動物是頭獅子(我喜愛某頭獅子) 3. My favorite animal is the lion.我最喜愛的動物是那頭獅子(你知道我所講的是那一頭獅子...

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  7. Useful Ducks Have you ever tried to grow a garden? If you have, you know that bugs and snails like plants just as much as people do. Keeping bus and snails from eating the leaves of plants is a...

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  8. Which animal do you like? = 你喜歡那一種動物?(一種) Which animals do you like? = 你喜歡那些動物?(含兩種以上)

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  9. my family and other animals = 我的家庭和更多的動物 基本上 要看句子出現在哪裡... animal animal ...

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  10. What kind of animal do you like the most? Is it a rabbit, a puppy or a cat? My favorite animal ... with you when you are bored. In brief, my favorite animal is a puppy. I think men should take care of them more.

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