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  1. Animal communicators are here to help. Does the "to help"... by a direct object, the preposition to, and the prepositional object=to help ( animal ). eg:- Animal communicators are here to help animal .

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  2. ...習慣:無資料 Travel history : none 旅遊紀錄:無資料 Contact with animals or sick people : none 動物接觸/病源人物接觸: 無

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  3. copulate with. It usually applies to the role of males in animal breeding.  依照這個定義,1. We serve all dogs.可能表示...

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  4. 關係子句裡有動詞belonged,它的主詞就是house,需要用一個「關係代名詞」that/which來代表house,where雖然可以當「帶先行詞的關係副詞」用,帶出一個「名詞子句」,但這裡己經有了先行詞house了,需要的是一個「形容詞子句」來當其修飾語,而這個附屬子句裡沒有使用副詞來當...

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