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  1. ◆culture : evidence of intellectual development ( of arts,science, etc.) ◆cultural legacy : 有關於文化的遺產(留給後世人類的東西). Culture handed down from ancestors or predecessors.

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  2. ... Li 2011-04-18 23:12:29 補充: 修正:13是Considers the ancestor ritual

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  3. ...青草茶burn incense and pray焚香祝禱make a New Year s visit 拜年worship ancestors 祭祖play cards and mahjong 玩牌打麻將ask the gods for a prophecy 求神問卜...

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  4. ... could become a doctor attributes to the blessing of our ancestors and the cultivation from our parents." said Doctor...

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  5. ...remembrance of those who are dead, therefore, we have ceremonies to worship ancestors . 我不確定寒食節怎麼翻,暫時翻成Cold Food Day。 2006...

  6. He said: Thanks to the blessings from our ancestors and the education by parents, we all three brothers managed to become doctors.

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  7. ... was young, my mother and I worshiped one of the ancestors in our shrine. There was a portrait hanging on the wall...

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  8. ... is the Taiwan's endemic Customs filled ancestor of Living Smart experience

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  9. ...till the Nile delta still work in the ancient ways of their ancestors . (A) which(B) who(C) whom(D) in which farmers...

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  10. ...offer sacrifices of the newly harvested grain to departed ancestors on this day, which also coincides with the Buddhist Ullambana...

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