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  1. A Spirit tablet, Spirit seat or Ancestor post 3 names 神主牌

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  2. They go to the graveyard and pray for their ancestors . I went to the Peak at Chung Yeung Festival last year.

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  3. ...translation doesn't go word for word. Formal: Do you have any ancestors of Asian origins? See for reference:

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  4. ...before)? 4. Have you (ever) used online grave sweeping to mourn ancestor ? 5. How frequent do you use online grave sweeping? How many...

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  5. ... will pay worship 崇拜 & respect to the ancestors 祖先/ dead people 2. A common / popular festival among...and spirits, as well as deities and ancestors . Other activities include, burying...

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  6. 1. Americans were obese because they lost self-control in eating fast foods. 2. I shall attend a clan event to worship the ancestor . 3.The name was printed on the front in plain block letter.

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  7. ...cake, the new rice with this year which the grain system becomes and so on to the ancestor offers the betrothal gift. After the betrothal gift ties, the...

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  8. ...of Heaven and Earth, the gods of the household and the family ancestors . The sacrifice to the ancestors , the most vital of all the ...

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  9. ... the weeds. Then we offer our food, fruit to our ancestors . This is Chinese way of remembering our ancestors ...

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  10. ...堂(或表)兄弟;堂(或表)姐妹 descendant-子孫 generation--世代 single---------單身者 ancestor -----祖宗,祖先 generous----慷慨的,大方的 dull------------不鮮明的 attentive----- 注意的...

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