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  1. 美國總統大選已近, 民調預測歐巴馬勝, 且可能是大勝. 然而各地的民主黨員卻還是擔憂. 這情況他們曾見過. 記得2004年約翰凱利的出口民調嗎? 今年, 這憂慮更大了, 因為參議員歐巴馬是首位非裔美國人的主要政黨總統候選人. 甚至連民調者也表示不能確定民調中民眾對這競選的感受...

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  2. ...ask you to remember what a presidential election is really about. 今晚...11 補充: When the polls have closed and the... down to you, the American people, and your ...

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  3. ..., throw/toss your hat in the ring ( American & Australian)to do something that ... herself a candidate for the election .

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