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  1. 1. recesen --> sincere 2. nitfecnod --> confident 3. nicefitfe --> efficient 4. usitomabi --> ambitious 5. suiteachtins --> enthusiastic 6. carticlap --> practical 7. utocusero --> courteous 8. blareeli --> reliable 9. cultuap --> punctual -- 以上 希望有幫到你囉!

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  2. ... of good family were not encouraged to do anything more ambitious than dabble in the arts, she became the editor of a review entitled...

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  3. .... 這裡可否改成 In your mode of living, don't be ambitious of.... Yes, but "be not active" is stronger. 中文意思...

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  4. ... tomorrow. 2 她是一個好勝心很強的孩子 She is an ambitious child.  OR She is highly motivated and competitive...

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  5. 個人體質不同:Individual physique is different 案例不適用在每一個人身上:The case is not suitable on each person 人各有志:The person respectively is ambitious 可能有些錯誤,不便之處請原諒

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  6. ...experience 自介:擁有強烈企圖心和不放棄的精神 Self-introduce: Being ambitious and having the spirit of never giving up.

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  7. a. sincere b.punctual c. reliable d. courteous e. reputable f. ambitious g. efficient h. confident i. enthusiastic

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2008年01月20日

  8. ... 其他可以參考的用詞: ambitious , climbing, coming on strong, determined, eager, enterprising, get...

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  9. To succeed, one needs to be consistent, persistent, ambitious and visionary.

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  10. 1. My name is XXX, I am a hard working, ambitious and goal oriented person. I graduated from YYY ...

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