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  1. affirmative duty 確定的責任 petitioner had no affirmative duty to disclose the information as to the plans of the acquiring companies. 請願者對於揭露購買其他公司計畫的資料沒有確定的責任。

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  2. Affirmative : 1. Comparing to other occupations, what athletics earns is way too much. 2. High-risk careers are always more profitable. the super-stars make, it is not too much money in sports. 隨手寫出兩點 你參考看看 Good Luck! 2008-09-23 12:47:59 補充: 剛剛發現 Affirmative : 2. 應該是 Negative 的論點

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  3. affirmative statements : 1. I will be leaving the house. 2.May will...

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  4. affirmative your attitude. thank you always improve yourself, thank you always try to do...

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  5. affirmative (肯定的) = yes (yes sir) 它的相反是 negative (否定的) = no

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  6. ...subject of the dependent 4) Clinton refused to head toward the center on affirmative action and abortion. Affirmative action and abortion are two most sacred...

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  7. 1. Affirmative additions 肯定的附加問句 2. Negative Additions...

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  8. 1. Affirmative /Roger 確認,聽到了 2.Enemy Spotted 發現敵人 3....

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  9. ...平権 *員工健康和安全 *處理不滿申訴和員工關係 2007-09-26 22:46:27 補充: affirmative action是英語裡的特定用法,指的是不分男女宗教種族的工作平等権。

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  10. ... are not listed in order).Change the following affirmative sentences into questions.Change the following...

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