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  1. Please give me a good advice Sir. This is a story which may be, it’s for you making...

  2. 給您參考: 因為 advice 是不可數名詞,所以只能在計量詞piece改複數 A piece of advice : 一個忠告 Many pieces of advice :許多忠告

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  3. advise: verb The doctor advised a complete rest advice : noun You should take legal advice , ie consult a laywer.

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  4. 一般為服務客戶, 若已有詳細的船期資料, 會於裝船日前就發shipping advice 通知客戶, 因此若有收款需求或數量有不同時, 皆可在此時一併告知客戶, 但還是...

  5. If you _____ my advice , everything will go smoothly. (A) follow  (B) followed  (C...

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  6. what advice would you someone who wented to enter this field? 你會建議什麼給有意進來這個領域的人? Math and science . math and science. 數學和科學.數學和科學. get a degree in meteorology and be willing to travel. 取得氣象學學位且樂意旅行

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  7. 裝運通知(shipping advice )是在採用租船運輸大宗進出口貨物的情況下﹐在合同中加以約定的條款。規定這個條款的目的在于明確買賣雙方責任﹐促使買賣雙方互相合作﹐共同做好船貨銜接工作。

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  8. 我覺得你最好再看清楚 email 的內容 , 這兩個字應該在說明兩件不同的事情 Inform : 兩人之間的通知 Advice : 建議事項出貨通知應該是 : shipment notification 2012-02-14 20:28:54 補充: 不太可能 , advise / inform 兩個字並用 , 這樣很奇怪

  9. Wednesday, 10th November, 2010 Today I still went to library reading my English grammar. At the library I always listen to my MP3 while reading my grammar book. When I listen to the...

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  10. I'm not so sure about perfume. Perfume depends a lot on personal preference. I would stay away from perfume unless you know a specific brand and type that she likes. Chocolate and flowers are a nice touch to a great gift, but I think it shouldn't be the gift...

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