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  1. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, is a popular... in by his Aunt Polly, goes through a series of adventures involving his friends, Joe Harper ...

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  3. 取自..... 節錄自..... 整句意思為(資料來源)節錄自Hong Kong Adventure Bound School 的小冊子 EXTRACT vt.[(+from)] 1. 用力取出...

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  4. As I told you,Summer Adventure In English 1 (S1 to S2) is a new yellow Answer Key with Chinese explanation that costs money.

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  5. This holiday, i went to Hawaii with my family. We went there for holiday because we wanted to have a green Christmas, Christmas in Hong Kong is not either ...

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  6. 我得Form 4, 唔岩你eD 小學雞wo!

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  7. 1. Karen: Where isyour brother? Fred: He went (go) to Australia. Karen: When did he leave (he/leave)? Fred: He left (leave) last week and will be back ...

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  8. it means that those are messages in the forum of the internet. give some 回應to these messages. 1. Q: i think there is too many violence in animations. ...

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  9. 您好,我推薦您一個非常不錯的英語學習網站,里面有很多非常不錯的學習資源,您能從中得到不少幫助: 祝您好運!

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  10. ... adapted from a story which names ‘Alice's Adventures in Wonderland’. Now, I am going to share...

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