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  1. 就裝飾而言,ornament 屬於物件居多,decoration是裝飾的動作過程, adornment 極近decoration,但是偏向美化某種物件,例如日式懷石料理上的撒金粉,把於食物...

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  2. deck out; to trick out; to drape with; Am.) to fuss up 2. decoration; adornment ; embellishment; ornament acanthus 【建】(柱頭上)莨苕葉形的裝飾;葉板 accouterment (常用...

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  3. a chemical reaction in dress and personal adornment

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  4. ...the ratio lists as the basis and the furniture that turns in to have the adornment

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  5. ... very tighly by the bone structure from clavicle to chin. This neck ring adornment is started when the girls are 5 or 6 years...

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  6. ... can take it to drink the water And Can also take to be the adornment It s very cheap One-Year Limited Warranty...

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  7. ...(手機吊飾) that I gave you 你也可以用phone adornment 和 phone charms

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  8. ...另外,我在網上找到保養是飾品的方法,你可以看看ㄛ adornment _maintenance.htm

  9. ... to Vr 表示「某物被用來……」(注意是物當主詞) ex:These adornments are used to decorate the tree.

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  10. ... dish! 和"它也可以做擺飾" it could be also used as an adornment 還有"這是在超級市場買的到的" this was bought in the...

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