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  1. ...he punished his enemies形容詞子句當作名詞way的修飾語). According to legend, he once impaled 20,000 Turkish prisoners in one day...

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  2. 就像有人說: "一般人 整個人生之中 有25年是在睡覺" 一樣 "一般人 整個人生之中 有5年是在排隊" "一般人 整個人生之中 有12月是在找失物" 會難懂嗎?

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2019年08月07日

  3. 每一個行動本身,或所依據的格言中,與每一個人的行動意志自由共存於普通法.

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  4. According to the English Dictionary, the word of cookie or cooky is a noun (Scotland & U.S.A.) ;small.flat, thin, sweet cake (Esp. home-made). Yip

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  5. ...salary increase and number of annual leave from Jack is according to the labour standards in Taiwan and is this reasonable...

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  6. Typical uses: (A) phrasal verb: subject somebody/something to something Oxford - [often passive] to make somebody/something experience, suffer or be...

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  7. ...t)=(-c)log[P+m0-kt]-gt+log[P+m0]. 人工衛星的速度應該是v(em0/k), according to 2.

    分類:科學 > 數學 2018年04月04日

  8. ... seams could be bundled together, we’ll place our order according to the enclosed file, we kindly request you to submit the quotation of the ...

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  9. ...quot;better" cannot be placed at the end of the sentence according to the rule of adverb positions. (Note: if "protect" is...

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