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  1. Green plants absorb carbon dioxide, helping to reduce global warming. But... Soil fertility limits forests capacity to absorb excess CO2. Do go to

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  2. ...=7416559&issueID=20070807 ) 所以,until it is absorbed the remaining essence也可以寫成until the remaining essence is...

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  3. A liitle supplyment. We would say a black body absorbs all the light shining on it, it will emmit light out which depends on...

  4. + H2O (l) As neutralization occurs, CO2 is absorbed by KOH or NaOH.

    分類:科學及數學 > 化學 2007年03月31日

  5. Overhead 係指固定費用,所以要 absorb 的話,到月底或年底時同實際發生的費用係大多數情況下會有分別,就係over...

  6. Striking a match to " absorb " smell is not quite a correct statement. I would rather say the smell...

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  7. ...quot; of electron doesn't mean that the electron itself is being absorbed . "Absorption of electron" means all the kinetic energy of the...

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  8. ... surface tension so when a wet towel moves over dust which is easy absorbed to the high sur- face tension surface--wet towel.

  9. 你都冇比mass of water我 所以計唔到 如果強行要計的話 energy absorbed =4200x(70-20)x mass =210000m J

  10. for living organism: green plants for chemical: soda lime, potassium hydroxide hope it can help you!

    分類:科學及數學 > 生物學 2007年09月20日